The Adults meet the APO review

Last night I was lucky enough to go to the collaboration between the kiwi band The Adults (including Jon Toogood from Shihad and Julia Deans from Fur Patrol) and the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra! Mum and I arrived there with no expectations about what it would be like, and this is often a great way to approach something like this; no room for disappointment. It was a wonderful and exciting show; the combination of the rock background of The Adults, with the classical touch of the APO made for a refreshing performance from traditional kiwi rock tunes to a couple of slower, softer vocal pieces with the orchestral music coming together perfectly.

One of my favourite songs was “Anniversary Day” – seen here performed in Christchurch in 2012 with the CSO:

One of the band members, Shayne Carter, told us towards the end that if we ever had the opportunity to play with an orchestra to take it, because being right amongst the beautiful music the way they were is something unforgettable.

There were also guest appearances from Anika Moa and Ladi6, two Kiwi women with amazing voices. I loved the banter during the show, between all the performers on stage, and the pure enjoyment they clearly had while performing for us. They even played one of their more upbeat songs for us again at the end, getting everyone up onto their feet for a dance to finish off.

Definitely one of our favourite shows that we’ve been to in awhile, and it was a nice break for me and my brain, with thoughts of my thesis safely stashed away and forgotten for a couple of hours (:


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