Customers at work

I guess one of my favourite things about working in retail is the interaction with interesting and varied people from day to day. The benefits of working in an outdoor shop is that a large majority of our customers are either foreigners getting gear for their travels through NZ, or locals kitting themselves up for their latest technical adventure. I love the task of finding the most suitable gear for their needs, and asking all I can to hear about their upcoming trips. Through the variety of trips that I hear about from customers, I am continually inspired. Quite often I see myself getting overly enthusiastic about the customer’s plans, however I don’t think this puts them off [fingers crossed]. 

I feel like I should make a tally of all the places that customers have come from/ where they have visited/ where they are off to next… If anything meeting all these people reminds me that as individuals we all have the most incredible story to tell, and we are all so unique. So much can be learned from strangers 🙂 It makes me eager to travel, and to meet these people in a setting where I can become their friends, and learn even more…


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