Musings of the mind

Today after arriving home from work and doing the usual, eventual check of facebook I came across a blog post that someone had shared, titled ‘an interesting read’. Little did I know, just how interesting this would be, and the vortex of thought and varied readings I would be led into.

This initial article was brilliant, discussing the various reasons that scientists have for why we have not been contacted by other intelligent life from the universe. The possibilities are endless and all (bar one) seem logical and plausible. The ones that ring most true with me were those suggesting that humanity is actually not as advanced as we would like to believe, and other, far superior life in the universe has either better things to do than interact with us, or we are just too ignorant to understand their attempts to communicate, etc. Definitely food for thought.

At the end of this post was a link to another one, called “Putting time in perspective”. Of course, I am trapped in the void by now and naturally go on to reading through this post. It involves a series of timelines going further and further back into time. At the numerous timelines I stop to pause and think, and do a little digging; when did language come about [search the book Adam’s Tongue: How Humans made Language, How Language made Humans], continental drift and Pangaea, etc. (Google Scholar is great for this). When I reached the timeline showing the 3.6 billion years of life, and the tiniest smidgeon of this representing recorded human history, it is still just so incomprehensible. My thoughts go to the vast changes that have been seen on this planet, and how everything that we take for granted in this day and age is just so ridiculously irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. I guess it is just another reminder of how much the little things, or little problems really don’t matter. And that I need to just appreciate what I have, the people that are here, and the positive things in life. Because my life is so small, especially in this perspective of the history of the world, and so I need to live in the moment, as it could be over at any time. But it is my lifetime, and it is the only one that I will know. So I must make the most of it.

This slightly went into a tangent near the end, but that is what happens sometimes, and this is, as the title says, purely my musings for this evening.


3 thoughts on “Musings of the mind

    • It really is! Such an interesting concept to think about, especially when you consider that there was a time when humans couldn’t communicate at all..

      Oops, sorry about that, the links should be working now (:

      • Cool. I will check it out. Before language, we communicated with fire and drum. We still do. Music is another fire of mine – music, art and words.

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