I know that in life change is inevitable. I also know that friends are made and lost. But it doesn’t make it any easier to accept. I believe that the relationships we form with others can be some of the most important parts of life. Especially those with close friends. But how can I allow myself to completely trust new friends again, when some of my closest, in fact ‘best’ friends, have completely dropped out of my life. When we once said we would be friends forever, and I have no inkling of what happened. I thought I had put these feelings behind me, but then all it takes is for me to inadvertently see a photo of a lost friend, and I feel crushed all over again.

Sometimes I feel so alone in this stage of my life. I feel like I have no one to confide in, and I end up with so much locked up inside, unable to share it. I desperately want close friends again, but then I also don’t want to risk it, or allow myself to get too close, because they could so easily remove themselves from my life again. Better to not be close to anyone at all, perhaps?


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