Adventure in Patagonia


The spectacular mirador of Mt Fitz Roy and Laguna de los Tres


I have just come back from some of the best 5 weeks of my life. 5 weeks of driving 3,000+ km from Santiago, Chile all the way south to Punta Arenas (nearly as far as you can go, but not quite). We climbed volcanoes, camped by lakes with views of mountains, saw glaciers, icebergs and snow, met wonderful Chileans and Argentinians and other travellers, hiked through national parks and up to spectacular views of Fitz Roy and other torres. Travelled leisurely, fished and made campfires with a Dutch couple and celebrated the birthday of an Australian hitchhiker who had been getting rides around the world for the last 6 years. Camped in the snow and climbed the ice of the Viedma glacier in El Chaltén. Struggled with but enjoyed the challenge of trying to communicate with the locals when we spoke no Spanish and they spoke no English. Had opportunities to experience small town life, the casualness of the people who lived there and the uncertainty about where something was or whether it was possible to do one thing or another. One thing we discovered was that sometimes all you needed to do to get permission was to keep asking different people the same question until someone said yes 😛

So many amazing memories, adventures, people met, kilometers explored, empanadas eaten and mate shared. Now all I need to is write it down and add my pictures so I can remember, reflect and be inspired for my next adventure 🙂 So. that’s what the following posts will entail! A detailed recount of this exciting and adventurous period…



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